Uncategorized16 July 2020

33 terabytes to fight epilepsy that doesn’t exist

From a curt question “What do you want to treat here?” asked by a famous fellow doctor to unique research financed by the European Union. With the discovery of professor Sergiusz Jóźwiak and his colleagues, doctors can now generate a report on the prognosis for hospitalized children by simply pressing a button

Sobecki: To look into the black box

If the models of artificial intelligence aren’t explainable, then specialists (e.g. in medicine) must fully trust the technology, even though their signature is below the diagnosis. We are working on a system in our Laboratory which will be able to answer what forms the basis of its predictions. Monika Redzisz talks to Piotr Sobecki, the manager and the team leader of the Applied Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

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